Personalized Genetic Profiling

Personalized genetic profiling offers profound insight into how your body responds to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Understanding how to interpret the results of your profile report and convert the information into programs for actionable, everyday health and wellbeing, is where Fitgenes and our accredited practitioners can offer you the potential to be the best you can be.


Our approach is based on the science of nutrigenomics which looks at the interaction between your genes, nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how these influence the genes’ messages.

These messages instruct your body on how it should respond to external influences such as diet and lifestyle choices.

The good news is the expression of the genes analyzed by Fitgenes is modifiable which means our genes are not our destiny.

Our comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report is interpreted by a Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner so they can design a personalized plan to meet individual health goals. Effectively, how your genes are reacting to external factors is analyzed and reported on, and a plan to address any negative reactions prepared, based on your unique genetic profile and needs. 

Unique Approach

Fitgenes profile reports are unique and provide practitioners with a powerful resource to design health plans that are highly personalized. These are not one-size-fits-all plans modified to suit different people.

This means achieving your health goals is based on the science of how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with your genes to influence how effectively your body is functioning.

Our unique process of personalized genetic profiling examines the genes responsible for overall health and wellbeing, and offers you:

  • Customized health and wellbeing programs with measurable results.

  • Strategic nutrigenomic interventions based on your personal DNA profile.

  • The option to address multiple health goals as part of your program.

  • Programs that are easy to implement and maintain.

Why Fitgenes?

Our philosophy is that by knowing a person’s genetic predispositions with regard to fitness, health and nutrition practitioners can deliver strategic and targeted health and wellbeing programs.

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