Auto-Immune Disease (A.I.)

 Chinese medicine, both Herbs and Manual therapies (Acupuncture, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Gua Sha, Moxibustion  etc.) has a unique approach to immunity and may play a major role in resolving dysfunction and may help  re-regulate the immune system, enabling it to resume it's natural function of  protecting appropriately, instead of rebelling and attacking the Self.

A major focus of Chinese Medicine and one advantage over Western or Allopathic Medicine is its propensity to prevent illness and to slow disease processes (or in some cases stop) from becoming catastrophically destructive, as is often the case in autoimmune disorders.  Some A.I. is, of course, easier to treat than others.  In many cases, using Chinese medicine,  the autoimmune process can be slowed or halted without the use of steroids or immune suppression drugs - drugs that can have nasty side effects, especially with long term use.  Chinese Medicine has very few negative side effects (but lots of positive ones!)

Using Chinese Medicine, A.I. may often be reversed, or helped to "go into remission" by strengthening the systems that maintain a healthy immune response and by assisting the body (and mind) to integrate, resolving the internal conflict that may be a contributing factor in this kind of disease process.  Our approach also emphasizes strengthening the organ systems whose role it is to regulate appropriate immunity.  We strengthen the body and calm the mind from the inside, allowing the immune cells to recognize self and non-self with less confusion and less reactivity

Auto-Immune and Fertility:

Common now in the clinic are fertility issues due to autoimmune factors.  Frequently we see anti cardio lipid or antiphospholipid antibodies, hypothyroidism due to antibodies, anti ovarian antibodies, anti-sperm antibodies etc. among others. These conditions can all cause either the failure of conception or cause the mother's body to attack a growing fetus, or prevent a placenta from forming appropriately. Endometriosis is also commonly seen in the clinic, which may be caused by an overactive immune, or inflammatory response. This may be caused or exacerbated by eating foods we may have intolerances to that can increase the permeability of our intestines, causing hyperactive (inappropriate)  immune responses that end up affecting us systemically.  

Lots of improvement may be made simply by changing your diet and strengthening your digestive function through acupuncture and or Chinese Herbs.  A lot more improvement can be made by changing lifestyle factors and living a more balanced life.  We can help you achieve all of these outcomes.  Please give us a call to talk further if you are interested (027) 696 0724.

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